Getting There

So I’ve literally just got back from the studios and I’m exhausted! I wanted to get the main bit done. See I find that doing the hardest tasks first allows me to coast and enjoy the rest of the painting process. I’m so happy the worst is now behind me, now it’s just a case of putting the finishing touches. The student in me was ready to order a pizza but Dominos is shut -_- just when I needed them, and I’m the type of person that only has stuff that needs cooking for more than 30 minutes. Oh well, late night cooking, it’s not like I haven’t done it before 😛 So as you can see the base painting was actually a template for my Chitenge design, I was going to stencil the whole design but the time to find spray paint was not even worth stressing about. It looks like I have kept to some sort of rule, I’ve actually painted the whole of this  part of the composition without relying on masking. Yup I went old school, ruler and a steady hand. The rest will be masked, as I really don’t see myself finishing on time if I don’t. Call it cheating? I really don’t care I’m claiming artistic license.


Let’s get it STARTED

So it’s nearing the end of my second semester, MY FIRST YEAR IN UNI!!!!! and we have a project due in May. Now you know me, my creative process involves dabbling with some crafts here and there (and not the voodoo kind though I could throw in some sugar and spice). To kick start my creative mindset, I thought it would be cool to up-cycle a bag I had from last year. It amazes me because all of a sudden there’s a mad rush for draw-string bags (THE GEIST  NEVER LIES). So me and and my bargain ways got this bag DEAD CHEAP, but as usual you get what you pay for. This bag has torn in so many places, I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve had to repair it. But I can’t leave my objects alone; so I asked my Bezzy mate Marcy D the 411 on the alREADY-MADE ways of doing things (the crowd around him laughs in confusion to try and act as if they know what he’s talking about). And here is the outcome, with love from Africa once again (so I did have to use my voodoo after all).  The problem I faced was the buckles that fell off, either side of the front pockets (that I couldn’t be bothered to fix -_-) and the light shone bright towards the THUMBTACKS! Oh my mind does have it’s moments of brilliance. AND I only bled once! There is hope for me yet.


Ready for the summer!!!!

So as it’s slowly being revealed to you all I do like to make stuff, now I don’t consider myself fashionable but as cliche as it sounds I have a passion for fashion. (you can’t hear me but I’m laughing my shame away just at the thought of writing that) Anywho I’m getting ready for summer but the geist informed me round Christmas time that it was time for dungarees; to mask my shame I never told anyone that I bought a pair until now of course because the excitement for summer has taken over. These were a pair I bought on ebay from jellybellyvintageleeds. They were full length but I wasn’t a fan of the bagginess, So I committed murder and chopped up the bottom half and tailored it to a perfect fit. This was in January. The frustration from cutting, sewing, pricking and bleeding several times made me take a well deserved break from the nonsense. But it gave me time to think of what else I could do with it. So I took a trip down memory lane and remembered that during my trip back to Zambia I bought various fabrics back with me to see what I could do with them. And as if I was getting pimp-slapped, the idea came and inspiration with obsession and determination and the zeal to defeat my dungaree grief, took over and I finished my mini project. Always wanted a pair of dungarees as a kid and now I HAVE THEM >:`D  (scar for extra added evil) ah I’m so 90s.