Venus Painting

This was truly a labor of love it took a while as I had to have it finished among other projects. It’s a bust from the Ashmolean. Like the description below I painted this on stretched paper which I primed with a home-made gesso. After drawing the image I then blocked in the important shadow information and filled in the rest of the detail.


Acrylic on A 2 paper .

This Little Light of Mine :D

Haha well I’m adding more paintings to my work in progress, this painting is of a good friend of mine. We took a series of photos only relying on his lighter as the light source; I chose my favorite one and well painted it 😛 I just used black for this (and a bit of white for the highlights) as I relayed on the canvas for the other tones. Poor guy suffered a burn for the sake of my art, who says art doesn’t come at a cost >:) This will be a series of paintings I feel as I hope to end with the use of colour. I skipped the imprimatura stage as I liked the white of the canvas purely for its tonal value.

A2 Acrylic on canvas

Dismantling Project

The latest project we had was dismantling an object and putting it back together in an interesting way. I chose a camera I picked up during the first stages of our course with this exercise in mind so I made a mobile with my visit to the Ashmolean museum in mind; especially the Egyptian exhibit. My chosen theme was yet again Ma’at the belief of a balance between all opposite forces in the earth which the Pharaohs were apparently supposed to maintain as Gods on Earth, yet again I find myself dealing with religious subjects BUT WHO CARES! I love all things Egypt and as a Christian in gives me an understanding of the type of religious surroundings at the time of Exodus when the Israelite nation fled Egypt.


It’s been long-awaited but everything has gone to plan so far and I’m really happy with the way everything looks, I will miss UCA with a PASSION I’ve made friends that I know I will be life long; still it’s onwards and upwards from now on. My final exhibition consists of the various pieces of my faith journey incorporating most of my latest work to reflect my thinking process as it is now. As usual, being my perfectionist self, I had to find an order to put up my work up, which took some trial and error but in the end thanks to the help of those around me my final set up is a follows.

My blogging rate will slow down as I no longer have to work on a deadline however I will be producing work that I feel necessary to my current thought process. Our exhibition is currently at the UCA Canterbury Foundation Studios opened to the public on 21st, 22nd & 24th May 10am-5pm 😀