1st Semester Assessment

So I had to showcase some of my work for my end of semester assessment and I’m on this postmodern vibe so I thought why not just show that. This is my….. Lord knows what it is.Ā It’s been called an installation so I’ll go with that šŸ˜› Sorry for the crappy image quality I left my camera at home -_- so I’m relying on my omnia 7.



So as I have litres of paint left I’m just thinking of ideas of what to do next. My inspiration came in the form of discardedĀ cassetteĀ tapes, thrown away by the music department as they are currently redecorating their spaces. I was originally going to use the tape on the inside but the shells looked cool, and with litres of paint just next to me… It was meant to be! So I dipped the cassettes in the paint and grabbed another off-cut from theĀ sculpture shop and this is the outcome. I want to explore this too, so I have a feeling I’ll be very busy next year šŸ˜›Ā Ha and I now use my hall room as my workshop, it’s not home so I don’t mind the mess šŸ˜›