UCA Remix

Album Cover 2

DJ please pick up your phone I’m on the request line… You can spot that this is a project I did back in UCA just playing around for composition ideas 😂  😂  😂



It’s been long-awaited but everything has gone to plan so far and I’m really happy with the way everything looks, I will miss UCA with a PASSION I’ve made friends that I know I will be life long; still it’s onwards and upwards from now on. My final exhibition consists of the various pieces of my faith journey incorporating most of my latest work to reflect my thinking process as it is now. As usual, being my perfectionist self, I had to find an order to put up my work up, which took some trial and error but in the end thanks to the help of those around me my final set up is a follows.

My blogging rate will slow down as I no longer have to work on a deadline however I will be producing work that I feel necessary to my current thought process. Our exhibition is currently at the UCA Canterbury Foundation Studios opened to the public on 21st, 22nd & 24th May 10am-5pm 😀

Ink and PVA

These are a series of experiments that I started for my FMP; following my acrylic PVA experiments I decided to limit myself to just Ink and PVA as the ink repels the PVA (probably due to the high water content). I’ve recently started Started playing around with the idea of blowing these up using a projector tracing the detail I see and painting it afterwards. I will post these pieces as I progress.


Art has its moments of grief, but when you have that EUREKA moment you just want to mass produce again. I’ve finally got the final basis of my project; it all started whilst making more PVA and paint experiments, I stretched some paper and began construction my paintings when I noticed the paint & PVA mix dripping on the floor mixing and merging into something new, I loved the outcome so purposely spilled some on a piece of paper and slowly something amazing formed. From this experiment I would like to continuously do this and hopefully aim to paint some of the outcomes on a large-scale.