It’s been long-awaited but everything has gone to plan so far and I’m really happy with the way everything looks, I will miss UCA with a PASSION I’ve made friends that I know I will be life long; still it’s onwards and upwards from now on. My final exhibition consists of the various pieces of my faith journey incorporating most of my latest work to reflect my thinking process as it is now. As usual, being my perfectionist self, I had to find an order to put up my work up, which took some trial and error but in the end thanks to the help of those around me my final set up is a follows.

My blogging rate will slow down as I no longer have to work on a deadline however I will be producing work that I feel necessary to my current thought process. Our exhibition is currently at the UCA Canterbury Foundation Studios opened to the public on 21st, 22nd & 24th May 10am-5pm 😀

Joseph Stalin

I thought I ended my dictator series but in my monochromatic stage I couldn’t help myself once I glanced at the image of Stalin in exile. Now there’s definately an innocence in this portrait; which is funny as he did disguise himself at this stage. Bit worried yet flattered at the comments I’ve recieved over this painting, lets just say if Stalin was alive today he would have a massive female following -_-“.


I used my first PVA, Acrylic experiment as a base to get me started into this series of paintings. I used a thinner to ease the flow of the acrylic giving me the chance to vary my intensity of colour without using water. I was going to do these in oils but the slow drying would have caused me to smudge everything. For a first try these aren’t too bad but I hope to add more detail as I go on.


I finished my piece keeping in mind the idea of a triptych; having done some research on Francis Bacon I noted the spiritual importance of a triptych and how first examples are found in churches. I’m still on the journey of discovering my own interpretation of faith, but to kick-start my research I’m hoping to engage with the public, asking questions of their beliefs in the supernatural. So far I’ve had a brief encounter with Mormons; it’ll be interesting to find out just what they believe in. I’m not sure whether it’s just another branch from modern-day Christianity.

Eureka 2

So a few posts ago I did the whole experiment with the PVA glue and paint. I decided to give it a go and actually paint what I see and for a first attempt I’m quite happy with the result, and the fact that I finished in less than 5 hours is freaking me out. May be finally on to a winner; now it’s just the case of tweaking my FMP proposal :D. Ah art how you choose to evolve. Painted this at home, couldn’t be bothered to paint in uni as I had all the materials at home and now that I’ve FINALLY got my easel and camera; NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!! So expect a lot more this 2 months.

Painting Royalty

On one of my random painting moods I decided to paint a royal, I didn’t want to paint the obvious so I decided to paint Prince Philip. The guy is so funny and incredibly ignorant at times, but hey even the royals have their moments of humor.

I never add much detail on a study but I liked this portrait so much I’m considering painting another on a larger scale with more wrinkles, LOVE PAINTING WRINKLES…….. death to smooth skin so boring.


I had a day of painting whatever entered my mind at any particular moment. I was also challenged by my tutor to paint on a large-scale as I always limit myself to A0. So I painted on a scale of 210cm x 170cm. The ribbon was probably my subconscious wanting to paint fabric however yet again THE BUBBLES ARE BACK. This time they have managed to produce a sense of space in my painting that I’ve never experienced before. And my work rate is beginning to scare me, this painting only took a day to finish.


Art has its moments of grief, but when you have that EUREKA moment you just want to mass produce again. I’ve finally got the final basis of my project; it all started whilst making more PVA and paint experiments, I stretched some paper and began construction my paintings when I noticed the paint & PVA mix dripping on the floor mixing and merging into something new, I loved the outcome so purposely spilled some on a piece of paper and slowly something amazing formed. From this experiment I would like to continuously do this and hopefully aim to paint some of the outcomes on a large-scale.


Well painting randomly lead me to paint animals I had on my 2011 calendar. It was only this year that i realised that the calendar showcased endangered animals. I painted the rest of the painting in acrylic, but for some reason I switched medium and started painting in oil for the tiger. This was the second time I’ve ever touched oil and this time I was successful.


I felt liked painting a topic and for some reason death came instantly. Last year had to be the worst year for my family, we lost 5 members in a single year, all of whom I was really close to. I took into consideration the family members who have suffered the most from their loss and my grandma came into the centre of my thoughts. Not only has she lost her husband but in the same year she lost a son and a sister. My mother made a trip to support her during the memorial, she took lots of pictures and in every single picture she had this low sinking facial expression. She looked like she had a lot of emotions going at once. I feel that my FMP (final major project) will consist a lot of portraits of her and somehow the bubbles managed to slip into this painting too.