Alek Wek

Been gone for a minute but I’m back at the jump off! Well It’s been a while since I have updated this blog, but I’m planning to exhibit my work in 2015 so I’ll be hinting as to what my collection will look like. I have been an admirer of this lady for a while. She was the OG dark skin model to really make it in mainstream society BL (before Lupita). I have been reconnected to my love of portraiture and I have been meaning to make more use of my Wacom Intuos5

. Alek Wek - Tinkhani Banda

On to something!

So today in my lecture I started doodling, see I concentrate better when I’m doing something else, don’t ask me why I just do. So it started with a tiger, which then progressed to a cross with a tiger eye followed by an ankh leading to various Egyptian themes. NOW REMOVE ILLUMINATI OUT OF YOUR HEAD BEFORE I COME OUT OF THE SCREEN AND SLAP THE JESUS IN YOU. Just felt like drawing and these where the first things that flew into my mind at the time. The arrangement of stuff needs adjusting but overall I may be on to something!


A4 Pen and crayon on the back of my note pad

Ri Ri

Now I can’t lie as a christian it’s amazing what theories I choose to influence what I think of people, the illuminati had to be my all time favorite, I never was scared of the concept, I just liked to ask questions, and when I question people they often take it as me being nosy, I guess my afro mindset of ‘if you don’t know, ask’ is wrong. But I do know that I can make assumptions, some are obvious but others are not even worth mentioning, but I fall victim to the Freudian slip (in my case Freudian sentences) but I’m learning. Now of course there’s one person I used to analyse not based on her fame but more on her character, and lets face it she’s HAWT and incredibly hard working but why does she grab people’s attention? Yes SHE’S HAWT O_O” but why do we think that? My answer came when I talked to my good friend and diva Emma when she pointed out just how symmetrical Rihanna’s face is and I was like JESUS DID YOU HEAR THAT :O GREAT TRUTH!!!!!! I never realised just how obsessed we were with symmetry but it’s SO TRUE, now of course with the wonders of modern technology she looks GREAT! and we see this and think then why doesn’t Jay Z see this? Possible affair? answer…..NO! because there’s one woman who keeps them hoes in check, there’s a reason why she sang ring the alarm, and Jay knows that if ever he even thinks of doing something stupid Sasha will illuminate him before he has the chance to apologise. Just comes to show you that if you can’t gain someone’s love by kindness you can equally achieve it by FEAR >:`) but I’ll be good for now, just a warning to those that think I can’t spazz out 😀

So I’m testing out watercolor techniques this along with the tigers will be an ongoing series, I’m banning myself from tracing (I love youtube artists that think we don’t know they traced the outline before adding the detail but don’t be mad it’s not a new concept google camera obscura) and focusing on my artistic expressionist side. So plenty drama on da canvas 😛 But as usual I start small to work out what needs to be done on a large scale.


Circles The Video

As you all know I’m a HUGE FAN of Marcel Duchamp, so for my video workshop I decided to re create my own version of the famous ‘Anemic Cinema’ Of course Duchamp’s piece is not even worth being mentioned with my video, but I decided to have fun, only had an afternoon to complete this so yeah 😀 This is the drawing I scanned, edited…. and VERY BASICALLY animated 😛


tutankhamun Drawing

As a child I have always had a fascination with all things Egypt. I love the history and Egypt’s rich culture, not to mention the role Egypt played in God’s plan for the Jewish nation. The great exodus in which the Israelite people were lead by Moses and delivered from the hand of the Pharaoh. Off topic; one great historical find I always remember is that  of the Boy King Tut. Not so much about his history (though I do like to read about it once in a while) but more for the treasure. There’s something about being a child and treasure, the moment I looked at the death mask, I didn’t have thoughts of dead mummies JUST GOLD!!! O_O and what I think could be Lapis Lazuli? BUT WOW! Up to now I still want one of these and I will have one >:) The drawing is of a death mask I found whilst surfing the web, I’m not too sure if it’s a picture of the real thing but who cares IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

A4 Graphite on Paper

Back to the Basics 2

So I recently caught up with one of my best friends, it was a good day and I’m glad to know that one of my close friends visits my blog regularly. And just like a good friend she caught me on my laziness; as I don’t update my blog that often. So following her advice 2013 will be the year I blog like CRAZY!!!!! It’ll now feature near enough all I do art wise, including reviews of art books I’ve been reading recently. Now back to my tiger series, I’ve decided to draw in pencil, I mean I’m good at drafting and I’m not going to force myself to constantly paint in poster paint, somethings are just meant to be hated 😛 So here’s an A5 drawing I did today took me 3 hours so not bad. I’ll be exploring scale and contrast in a limited space of my A5 window. Though I would like the area around the eye to be darker so I have a feeling I’ll be mixing mediums again.


My First Tablet Drawing :D

So I bought a Wacom Intuos 5 and fell in love with the pad before I could even do anything on it, it’s so CUTE!!!! 😀 Any who, my sister wanted to see my work and I promised I’d do some kinda portrait. Of course it had to be centered on the old master flow I’m on now for some reason. So I did a sketch, taking my inspiration from Da Vinci’s anatomical sketches. I then used gimp (as I’m saving up for Photoshop and Corel painter đŸ˜„ ) to edit the portrait the way i wanted and for a 2 hours mess around I’m pretty happy with the results 😀 Can’t wait to do more stuff on my wacom tablet 😀 😀 O_O”

St James Cathedral

Update I’M OFFICIALLY IN OXFORD!!!! LOVING THE CITY WITH EACH DAY THAT PASSES. So it’s now officially 1 month since I started studying Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University. I’ve been a bit busy with projects but decided to update my blog as I always try to. To break the ice and to get us started on our art journey (again) we were put in pairs, in which we each had to come up with ideas and presenting them as the weeks go by. I have to say I’m quite lucky to be working with the guy I’m currently working with. He’s Tom James-Brown an up-coming (I feel so anyway) Welsh artist who deals mainly in sculpture and installation. We have had some crazy adventures already and I’m beginning to  notice a more playful side to my art work; he does things when ever he feels inspired so our projects have often involved very quick sessions of practical work but through deep discussions.

So for one of our weeks we had a drawing exercise discovering various methods of drawing with our definition of a drawing simply being a means of communication, after that we were set our usual group work and were given free reign to determine what we were going to draw. Now of course this was too broad as we were basically told WE COULD DO ANYTHING WE WANTED! So after a short dialogue with Tom we decided to do an interpretation of each other’s chosen memory. He had to draw a memory of me being in the middle of a blackout in Botswana and a child fearing the stairs as they where to dark to go down. His chosen memory for me to interpret was when he was stuck in Croatia having missed his flight being left stranded with no funds at the time.

Now I had great difficulty at first as I couldn’t really put myself in Croatia, so I thought of what I could have done in that situation based on the subject of ‘Sanctuary’. I googled (as you do) images of Croatia and was fell immediately in love with St James Cathedral in Sibenik which features both Renaissance and Gothic architecture. I knew I had to do something based on this cathedral so decided to make my interpretation of the distinctive dome on the cathedral (bearing in mind the the ‘drawing’ is simply communication of an idea). there was a lot of trial and error which I’ll try and post in order, but the end result looked quite dark and scary WHICH WAS AWESOME as that’s what we were aiming for. the end result was an installation with my dome on top and a T.V. Tom brought back from Wales that was broken and would fizzle to a black static visual experience which gave the viewers an uneasy feeling (which was AWESOME). My dome (not really a dome as it was so badly made BUT WHO CARES I HAD A WEEK and I claim artistic License) was made from an edited skeleton structure made from wood rods and bin bags held together with staples.